Refund policy


If you notice any factory defect or transportation damage upon receiving the furniture, do not worry, we will resolve any arising problems together. If possible, send us the photos clearly showing the damage via email so that we can address all the inquiries more quickly. All the information regarding the warranty service is provided by phone at +37061062532 on business days from 10.00am to 06.00pm or via email at

If the reason of returning the item is its unsatisfactory quality, we commit to replace the item of unsatisfactory quality with a product of satisfactory quality or reduce the price of the delivered item if you choose to keep it, or rectify the defects within a reasonable period of time free of charge, or refund the amount paid for the item.

Refunds are made via bank transfer only to the customer's specified bank account.

The returns of products of satisfactory quality are carried out in accordance with the procedure indicated in the Articles 6.228-10 and 6.228-11 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.


The following conditions must be followed in order to return products:

  • The returned item must be in its original packaging (you may cut the packaging tapes for inspection);
  • Assembled or attempted to assemble furniture of high quality cannot be returned (except the cases when the pieces of furniture were delivered assembled);
  • The item must be undamaged by the Buyer;
  • The item must retain its original appearance (the labels must be unaltered, the protective films must be untorn, etc.) (this point is not relevant when a defected item is being returned);
  • The returned item must be of the same configuration as received by the Buyer;
  • We will take the returned products from the location that can be accessed by a cargo van;


24-month quality guarantee

The main characteristics of each Laura Ashley product are generally indicated in the description accompanying each item. All the Laura Ashley products come with a 24-month manufacturer's warranty. We advise to carefully inspect the goods before the assembly.

We recommend keeping the packaging until the furniture is assembled. In case of the warranty service, the additional information, which is provided on the packaging of the product, may be required.

Please report any defects noticed during the use of the furniture via the contact information provided on the website or via email at During the warranty period, UAB Medienos Era will rectify, assemble, or replace the quantifiable or qualitative discrepancies at its own expense. UAB Medienos Era undertakes to rectify any manufacturing defects within 15-45 days from the registration of the complaint.

If you purchased one of these products and noticed that it was of unsatisfactory quality, you have the right to return such a product to us within 24 months from the delivery date. We can also arrange free transportation of the goods. In this case, the product of unsatisfactory quality will be replaced with a quality product or a refund of the paid amount will be provided. The return or replacement of the products of unsatisfactory quality is carried out in accordance with the "Rules of the Return and Exchange of Goods" approved by the Order No. 217 of the Minister of Economy in June 29, 2001.

If unforeseen defects are detected during the warranty period (24 months), please take the photographs and immediately send them to us via email The manufacturer of the product will determine whether the defect is covered by the warranty, i.e., whether it is a manufacturing defect. We will promptly inform you of the manufacturer's decision using the contact details you have provided. Please note that:

  • The manufacturer's warranty does not apply to naturally worn-out parts and upholstery fabric;


Warranty terms and conditions:

  • When assembling the product, the buyer follows the assembly instructions provided with the product;
  • The product has been used for its intended purpose and maintained according to the maintenance rules;
  • The warranty is applicable to the defects of the product’s quality caused by the manufacturer's fault and during the transportation of the product by the seller's transport.
  • The buyer loses the right to the free warranty service in the following cases:
  • The product has been damaged due to the buyer's fault;
  • The furniture has been affected by a force majeure (unforeseeable circumstances of invincible power at the customer’s home).